Bridal Shower Bingo: Make Wedding Showers Less Painful!
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Bridal Shower Bingo: Make Wedding Showers Less Painful!

Would you believe that last year my best friend, sister, cousin, and I ALL got married? Which meant tons of bridal showers with plenty of equally lame games. So what's a girl to do to make these socially uncomfortable events more bearable? Aside from Bacardi punch and bottles upon bottles of red wine, I found a solution. The world's only FUN bridal shower game: Bridal Shower Bingo.

Here are the simple instructions for a lingerie shower. They can be easily modified for a traditional shower or even a baby shower:

1. On the Bingo Cards, in place of the letters B, I, N, G, O, put category names. For example: Colors, Specific Lingerie Item, Something Naughty, Fancy Trim, and Bath Products.

2. Then come up with items to put under each heading. Colors: Red, white, black, multi-colored, blue, pink, yellow, leopard print, fuschia, purple, nude, etc. Lingerie Item: Bra/Panty Set, long nightgown, negligee, babydoll nightie, multiple panties, bathrobe, pajamas, slippers, stockings, etc. Something Naughty: Whipped cream, handcuffs, whip, novelty gift, massage oil, pasties, and other naughty things that I won't mention here - use your imagination! Fancy Trim: Lace, ruffles, feathers, fringe, tassels, bows, beads, sequins, rhinestones, etc. Bath Products: Bubble bath, lotion, gift basket, perfume/body spray, fragrant bath soaps, etc.

3. Make a template using Excel or by creating a table in Word. Set up the categories across the top, then mix up the items from each category under each heading. and print on cardstock. After printing out one, mix up the items to be printed on the next card differently, and print the next card. Continue, making enough different versions of the card for each guest.

4. At the shower, pass out the cards when the bride is ready to open her gifts. As each gift is opened, guests will mark off the item on their card, until someone gets BINGO(!). You may want to have a few rounds of BINGO to make sure the game keeps going throughout the entire gift opening process. Be sure to have some wonderful prizes on hand for the winners--you can get nice, inexpensive stuff at Ross, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx or Tuesday Morning. In case the game is quickly won, plan to have at least 3 gifts on hand.

Note: You'll want to have a "referee" to decide what each gift counts as. For example a red, sequined babydoll nightie could  count for multiple categories--but that will make the cards fill up and the game get over too quickly. The referee should decide what the main characteristic of the item is, and “call” it - say, a babydoll nightie for this one. If there’s already been a babydoll nightie, then the referee might pick the next most obvious thing and call it as “red”, etc.  (A player doesn't get to mark "babydoll nightie" AND "red" AND "sequins," etc.)

The reason this game is such a hit is that it keeps everyone engaged and having fun while the bride opens her gifts. Instead of simply sitting and making half-hearted "oohs" and "aahs," everyone will be having a great time.

This game was a hit at every shower I brought it to, and I even had a number of shower attendees tell me they used it at other showers, where it was also a big hit.  And as a bonus, your guests will think you're totally creative.

Hope this helps ease the pain of your next wedding shower!

©KatieK, October 2008

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