How to Cover Up a Tattoo the Day of Your Wedding
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How to Cover Up a Tattoo the Day of Your Wedding

Alternatives for tattoo cover up

When trying to cover up a tattoo it can get quite tricky at times, especially if it’s your wedding. Some brides show off their tattoos with their wedding gown, while others panic and try to find the best make up to cover it. There are products that will help cover up your tattoo, but wearing a white wedding gown the tattoo cover up make up can get extremely messy.

A few of the tattoo cover up make up products will actually come with a barrier spray that will help make the make up stay on your tattoo, but they don’t always do what they say. Another problem with the tattoo cover make up is the waterproof factor. 90% of cosmetic products that say 100 % waterproof should be more like 60%, because if a person has an excessive sweating problem the product will start to drip at a very slow pace regardless of what the product says.

A bride on her wedding day is very nervous to begin with. When a person is nervous their body goes through so many emotions at one time. Sweating is definitely one of them. Why take the chance of having your tattoo start to drip all over during the ceremony? If you have a small tattoo it can be covered up different ways besides using a tattoo cover up make up.

Crystal tattoo designs- Crystal or rhinestone tattoos can be very beautiful. Some people enjoy wearing a crystal/rhinestone tattoo just for fun, while others use them to cover up recent tattoos. Crystal tattoo designs come in many different styles. You can find Filigree lace with heart shape, butterfly, star, or flower, crystal with glitter, or plastic body jewels.

Flowing wedding veil- The flowing wedding veil is very hot this year. This veil covers your shoulders almost like a shawl. So if you have a tattoo on the top of your back, shoulder blade or in the middle of your neck this would work great as a tattoo cover up alternative.

Wedding shawl, scarf, or wrap- These can help cover up a tattoo on your neck, shoulder, top or middle of arm, or even some areas of the chest depending on your wedding gown.

Flesh colored fabric or band-aid- In DWTS Melissa Rycroft’s tattoo was covered up with a beautiful blue sequined fabric. Use a color to match your wedding gown or use a flesh color.

Chiffon jacket- These come in many different styles and can be worn with your wedding dress. Then you can take this off at your reception or leave it on until pictures are done.

Gloves- Wedding gloves will work great for anyone who has a tattoo on their finger, wrist, or arm. They come in many different styles and colors.

Sources: Personal experience

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Comments (3)

If your looking for a great tattoo cover check out Ferbs Cosmetics @

Another great article! My friend just had hers airbrushed for her wedding and I was shocked at how well it survived in the Vegas heat. I used to use Dermablend - I think it's still around. I had to cover up a large one on my leg regularly for work if I wore a skirt and it was great but not sure how it would be in humid conditions though. I'm using a long veil to cover up the remnants of two large ones I am in the process of removing and it hides them fine on my back. Great alternative suggestions instead of make up!

Covering Tattoos for a Wedding

I recently got married and used tattoo cover makeup to cover my tattoo. My advice to those out there would be to but a few different brands and do some trial runs. I bought the Kat Von D makeup based on a friend referral but because I have darker colors it didn't cover my tattoo all the way, nor did it seem to last very long. What ended up working the best for me is the stuff from a company called tat2x - I forgot the brand name but it works great, lasted all day and was not sticky. But everyone is different so be sure to test out a few options and not let your tattoo get in the way of your wedding day!